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1) Why my fingerprint sensor is not working? I cannot set it up on settings

- To use the fingerprint sensor you first need to set up a basic lockscreen password (like a pin code or a regular password) when that is setted up you can then add a finger settings as usual. this also applies to face unlock.

2) I try to remove my google account in settings but the device ask for a password that I dont know

- This can happen when you try to remove an account when there is no pin or pattern unlock configured. The solution is just to set a pin or pattern in settings first and then try to remove the account. It will ask for the pattern that you configured. After the account is deleted you can remove the pattern/pin if you want.

4) A popup appears at the bottom of the screen repeatedly with a message about the security policy of the device and moments later my device gets locked. if I reboot the phone the same thing happens

- This is an indication that something went wrong with Perseus. this is very uncommon but if it do happens unfortunaly the only solution is wiping the device from recovery and repeating the process again. you dont have to buy another code, you can scan the same code that you used before (this only works scanning the same code that you used for that device)

* You can scan the same code for the same device up to 5 times.

5) A message appears telling me "this device belongs to your organization" and that my device is not private, is my data safe?

- Perseus doesnt collect any personal info of devices, we just collect device identifiers to enroll the device. to avoid any kind of security concerns only buy from authorized sources from HERE


This page will be updated regularly to reflect the latest questions, if you still have questions not listed here, feel free to hit me up on twiter or telegram and i will do my best to answer your questions.